How to do Highlights at home with a brush (for thick hair!)

I have explained in another post "How to dye your hair at home" and today I like to share also with you "How to do highlights at home!". Not only will this save you tons of money but also time. I know some girls have fun going to the hair salon but I am not one of them. I find it quite annoying and time consuming and do not enjoy it a bit. I always feel like I have to do small talk but I am really not in the mood to talk to some stranger! Also they charge a lot! With longer hair only the highlights can cost around $100 or even more.

Sure you can buy some fancy highlight box for twice the money with half the color inside and maybe some kind of applicator- but there is really no need for buying a different box of color if you want to do highlights. So for me doing my highlights is even cheaper then doing only my roots. For the roots I have to use the whole package but for the highlights I open the package and take a little glass and just mix a little together so the whole box is enough for about 3x of Highlights! Loreal Preference costs around $8- so there you go! $2.60 for my highlights!

The most important thing is again to choose the right color. I always recommend Loreal Preference. I am using this hair color since years and it just works awesome.

It is very important to see if you need a "COLD" "NATURAL" OR "WARM" Color and Loreal makes it easy because it is written clearly on the front of the box.

I recommend "COLD" if you want to get rid of red tones in your hair. It will make your hair slightly ashy. I do not recommend it if your hair already is ashy as it will make your hair even more ashy. Instead go for "NATURAL".

I recommend a "WARM" color if your hair is too ashy and you like a hint of "golden" color in your hair. I do not recommend it if you already have a warm hair color- it can make your hair too red. Take "NATURAL" instead!

I recommend "NATURAL" for almost all cases. With this you only change the color of your hair but not the main tone of it.

If I dye my complete roots I usually take "Natural" and a medium blonde but if I do some highlights I use "Cool" and a light blonde because I want my highlights to stand out.

I just pour a bit of each bottle in a glass and then stir it with a big paint brush. Next, part your hair how you usually part it. If you usually wear a ponytail make a ponytail!

If you have very fine hair it is crucial to use a really fine brush and to use also aluminum foil to cover the rest of the hair and dye really streak for streak. But with my hair it goes much quicker. I have very thick and coarse hair and I do not even bother to take any aluminum foil. I just paint with that brush right on my head. This will have the effect of tripling the highlights because all the hair where I put the color on under it will get highlighted too. I recommend this really only if you have very thick and not too straight hair because you do not see little mistakes that easy.

You are your own Master and know exactly what you like. If you like small highlights do small highlights. I just do 6 big fat chunky ones right on my head. This takes me probably 2 minutes. When I am done with my top head I do a little bun and do around 3-4 highlights on my lower head. I am not highlighting the ends of my hair as they are anyway very light.

It is very crucial to apply the color super neat where your roots start! The color should not bleed on your head or you will look like a leopard! Start with a very fine line where the roots begin! When you have fine hair you have to be even more careful. It might make sense to try first only 1-2 highlights to check out your own ability and your results. If you like it you can still add more highlights the next day but if you didn´t do a good job you did not destroy your whole hair.

Here is my finished look, I did this yesterday and I am satisfied. It turned out just the way I wanted.

I hope this helped maybe some of you! If you have any questions I am always here for you!

And then I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I do not recommend doing New Year Resolutions as in most cases we are not able to keep them and then feel like we failed. Enjoy your life! Try to do good and healthy choices but be aware that you will do wrong choices also. Nobody is perfect! Next time you know better. We only get smarter if we learn our life lessons. If you can not remember in 20 years why you cried today, it was not even worth worrying about! Splurge once in a while, cheat every weekend on your diet and do not take everything so serious. Life goes on, so enjoy every little piece of it!

XOXO, Sissi

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