I love to wear a bun and it is easier then you think to do!

With a little helper like the Bun Ease this goes in a snap! I got mine at Marshalls for around $5. They also have different sizes. I bought the medium one but after trying it out I found it was too big and I cut it in half!

It depends on how long your hair is or how big you want your bun. I have even seen girls  use an old sock- they cut it open and do the same thing! LOL! The Bun Ease comes also in different colors and it comes with 4 bobby pins and an elastic.

Let´s begin my little tutorial!

1. Start with a normal ponytail.

2. Put the Bun Ease on top of your elastic.

3. Roll the Bun Ease down your ponytail.

4. Then you roll it up again, pulling all your hair in. You can do this kind of messy or net- whatever preference you have.

Once you rolled your ponytail up you can use the bobby pins to fix it. If your hair is very fine you should probably use some hairspray on top of it.

This is really easy- maybe you have to try it out a couple times but once you know how it works- this will take you only 2 minutes!
I also like to wear a headband with it!

Get the Bun Ease here.
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

Have you ever tried this?

XOXO, Sissi

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