Holiday Nail Inspiration

First I want to thank you all for voting for me on that Studio Gear Contest! I am so honored and so thankful for your votes!  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to see you are voting for me! Thank you all so much! I won a classic beauty kit from Studio Gear and I will show you how it looks as soon as I have received this.

And here come my ideas in "What do wear on your nails for the holidays".

I did a couple different versions with just a couple glitter stones from Michael´s- a fantastic unique but easy way to glam your nails up for the holidays! Just paint your nails and throw these on while the nail polish is still wet- when dry: top it off with loads of clear top coat!

I like to do only one or two accent nails but if you want to go crazy, you can do it of course with all your nails! I used the color "Go with the Flow-Er" from Drew Barrymore´s Make up line "Flower". I really love this color, it is simple, yet edgy and with these glitter stones it is also nice and glam-ed up for the holidays!

 If this is all too much for you, here are my unicolor suggestions for the holidays! Estee Lauder in "Le Smoking" is really smoking hot. It is not too red, more of a deeper red tone and looks very elegant.

Loreal Color Riche in the color "Eiffel for you" is also one of my favorite colors and it is also perfect for the holidays.

I just got this new Revlon Parfumerie in Wintermint. I really love the color. It is a very light color and looks very romantic yet it sparkles nicely. I recommend putting a top coat on this one as it feels very rough on your nails because of the glitter.

I was curious of the smell of these new nail polishes. This one has a hint of spearmint. But don´t get fooled: you only smell this once the nail polish dried on your nails- not when you open the bottle! It dries quick and the smell fades after one day. Although the look of this bottle is quiet nice, I find the lid a bit trickey because it is so small and makes it hard to hold and to apply the nail polish.

My last very brave choice for the holidays is Sally Hansen in "Please Sea Me". This color surely brings all the attention to you! Apply a base coat first as your nails will probably yellow of this deep blue-green color!

Which look is your favorite?

Have a great Sunday!

XOXO, Sissi

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