My German Christmas Calendar

I hope you guys have a great Christmas! My son figured already out with 6 years that Santa is not real. It was funny and I have it on video. My son saw how daddy ate all the cookies for Santa and right aways screamed: " I knew it! Santa is not real". I really had to laugh so strong! All on camera! haha.

So it takes a little bit back from the magic of Christmas knowing that only mommy and daddy buy the presents- but on the other hand I find it also strange that we try to teach our kids to be honest but then tell them stories about Santa the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy just because it is cute. Well, it is what it is and our son just outsmarts the world! Well, don´t let this ruin your Christmas spirit please!

Some of you know from my Instagram that I have gotten a German Christmas Calendar with drugstore items. Now that I have gotten all 24 presents I like to share with you everything. I find it pretty weird that there is nothing comparable available in the US! Such a simple idea and I bet lots of people would buy it!

I am very thankful for my dear friend in Germany (thank you Antje!!!) that she did send me this. 24 days with a little surprise! Every morning I made myself a cup of coffee and then opened one present. I had really fun unpacking all these items. This calender costs only 10 Euro (around $13) and it is really worth it. Here is a picture of all the items.

My favorite was the cute bracelet, the nail polish from Manhattan (miss these!) and also the Nivea and Dove products. I found 3 x toothpaste was a little too much. The soap bar was not my favorite and I am not using hair spray - so that goes to my mother in law! LOL! But overall I think this calender is really a great idea and I had so much fun opening these.

Hopefully they will have soon something similar in the US. I have seen only a benefit and a Ciate nail polish calender (everyday nail polish? yawn!) but both were super expensive!

XOXO, Sissi