Simple Skin Care Review

Simple Skin Care is simply wonderful!

Today I like to share with you my experience with the Simple Skin Care line. I have been lucky to get chosen for a Simple Houseparty (you can check out my post about it here).

I have tried the moisturizing and the refreshing facial wash. Both are really great. They do an awesome job and they even get rid of your eye makeup- no extra step needed and I am using waterproof mascara! Don´t you just hate if you wash your face and still see makeup traces afterwards? This will not happen with these face washes, I promise!

They smell pretty neutral and they do not sting in your eyes. There is no perfumes or dyes included. Even if you have sensitive skin this affordable Skin Care line should be perfect for you!

Both face washes are not drying out your skin and even have vitamins in there!

The facial wipes are really great too and I love to use them especially in the night on my neck. It removes gently all makeup traces. They work awesome and are completely without alcohol!

The replenishing moisturizer works great too. I have oily skin and this one moisturizes well without making me feel greasy. Though I do not have sensitive skin and prefer some smell in my moisturizers- this is still a great choice for all those with sensitive skin out there! I even use it on my legs if I just shaved them and this works great and does not irritate or anything.

Overall I can really say that I am very surprised how good this Simple Skin Care line is! It is affordable, perfect for even sensitive skin and the face washes do a superb job! I can only recommend this! Like I always say: take good care of your skin so you don´t have to cover up so much!

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XOXO, Sissi

Disclaimer: I have received  complimentary products from houseparty/simple skin care. All opinions and experiences are my own and I received no compensation for them. This entire review was written only by me and was in no way influenced by houseparty or simple skin care. Contains Affiliate link.