Pink and Glitter nails!

Hello girls,
So I see Glitter on nails all around me and it inspired me to do something similar without buying anything!

For this look I used Loreal nail polish in "Penthouse Pink" and -now comes the funny thing- some Glitter (I got this Glitter at Dollar tree in a 5 pack for $1 LOL!) and a clear Top coat (I used LA Colors).

First I applied on all  my nails the pink nail polish (2 coats).

While still wet I just dipped my finger into the glitter tube. The size is perfect for your finger! LOL!

Then I waited one minute to let it dry a bit. After that shake your hands to get excess glitter off and top it off with loads of topcoat! Let dry: DONE!

No need for an expensive glitter nail polish!

 I hope you liked this idea!

XOXO, Sissi