Natural looking nails with that little WOW effect!

What I really like is to keep nails looking natural with that little extra! This is a super easy look but I really like it.

What you need for this is Rimmel French Manicure Pro in "French Lingerie 130" (I really like this one, it dries very quick and has just the right color! It is not too white yet not too pink. I keep buying this one over and over again!)

Apply 2 coats of this nail polish.

For that little Wow effect I got on ebay super cheap nail stickers. They were like $1.50! They came from China and it took 2 weeks to arrive but I am very happy with these.

They come already including the little Glitter stones and that makes the whole mani super quick and easy.
Peel of a sticker and just put it on your finger.

Don´t forget to apply some top coat to really seal that little sticker!

And you are done! Like I said: super quick and easy but has that little extra to look special!

I hope you liked this idea!

XOXO, Sissi

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