Nails with 80´s flair!

Want some nails with 80´s flair?

Maybe you saw this look already on my Instagram but I thought today I want to share with you what I used to achieve this look!

For this look you need Sally Hansen Salon effects strips and Sinful Colors nail polish in "easy going". The color of the nail polish is almost white with only a hint of pink and that is why it still fits perfectly to the black and white foil.

I have to say that these foils from Sally Hansen are very difficult to apply (I like the foils from Kiss much better! So much easier to apply!). You have to be extra careful and my first foil ripped. Take some extra time for it but then it will hold for a couple days.

Sinful Colors nail polish does not dry that quickly- I find -and I always like to use some clear top coat for this nail polish as the color  otherwise quickly comes off.

The foil will be way too big for your nails and you have to file the rest off.

I really do not like the file they give you in the box as it is way too rough and can hurt your nail.

I am a strong believer in very fine diamond files and have been using since 20 years the same type from Wilkinson and I strongly recommend you to use these too.

My suggestions is also to apply the foil and then to cut off most of the foil that is not needed so that the filing is much easier.

If the foil is also too big on the sides of your nails, try to cut it off with the cuticle stick which is also included in the foil box. Worked perfectly on my nails.

So long you guys!

Off with some 80s flair on your nails! Good luck! :-)

XOXO, Sissi