My Simple Skincare Houseparty Kit!

Recently I got into the Simple Skincare Houseparty! For those who do not know what that is, you can check HOUSEPARTY here out. Everybody can host a party, you only have to apply and explain why you want to host! They have all kinds of different parties going on: from toys to wine (well not together lol).

Girl, was I excited to host this party! I have already applied for 2 other parties on houseparty but I have not been chosen. This one was by far the most interesting party to me as I do love skincare products!

If you have never applied to a houseparty, you have to know that when you receive the email that you haven been chosen to host a party you have 30 minutes time to type in on their screen 10 emails of friends who you invite!

30 minutes sounds like plenty of time but girl did that time go by fast! Of course my computer was working at exactly that time so slow and my friends would respond even slower to write me their emails with a text message! LOL! I was so hyped and screamed the whole time to my husband that I need to get this done. We almost divorced, lol! ;-) Phew but I did it! LMAO!

The funny thing is, my friends have no clue about the stress I had to type in the emails and nobody is even appreciating it. Well, well.

A couple weeks later I have received my super awesome party kit! I loved it and I will also soon review everything. The products are really great.

But I have to tell you something I have not expected at all: Girl, it was super freaking hard to get some RSVP´s from my girlfriends! That was so hard work, you can not believe it! Obviously not everybody is into free stuff? So, you might think this will be an easy task! It is not!!!

I invited 17, yes 17 (!!!)  girls and I got like 2 x  yes (thank you both: you know who you are lol!) and a lot of  "maybes". WTH what can I do with a maybe?!? Even 1 day before the party I still got only "maybe"or even the final "no".

I mean I made very clear that this is not a sales event or anything! I wrote in my invitation clearly that everybody will get some free cosmetic items from Simple Skincare and that I will provide wine (wine would be enough for me to come lol!)  and crackers and thought this will be a real nice little "get together". I have another blogger friend and she got into another party (it was a Secret Deodorant and Karaoke party kit) and she was struggling like me to get some RSVP´s also.

Oh, if you like to host a houseparty yourself, you can register here on HOUSEPARTY. I hope you have better friends then me! LOL! 

Enough of the sweet bitterness. I am happy to start now trying these products and reviewing them!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Sissi



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