Living proof Hair Care Review

So, this morning I used my samples from Living proof! And who does not want to have hair like Jennifer Aniston, right? ;-)

I have to say I was excited to try this out! It is always important to say that products work on everybody different as we all have different types of hair. My hair is thick, frizzy and dry. So if you have different hair, my review might not apply to you!

BUT: I am not that impressed with the shampoo or with the conditioner. I did not care much for the smell. I mean there is no big smell (and I really like some smell!) just a bit of sweet. I always like to have some fresh or oriental or citrusy smells. Just a bit of sweet is not "it" for me. I am happy that I only had samples and did not buy these products.

The style extender on the other hand is really interesting. This is a primer for your hair! I have not heard of a hair primer yet and this stuff really smells nice and fresh and clean. It makes my hair right away soft. You can apply it on damp hair and you apply it everywhere from the roots to the ends and it will not weigh your hair down and it will extend the feeling of fresh washed hair.

On top I used the styling cream which smells also delicious fresh and feels very nice. I have to fight some frizz here in humid and still hot Florida for sure and I have to say these 2 products go great together and are worth it. My hair looks shiny and healthy. I will buy the primer and the cream for sure.

Ok, Jennifer Aniston: wait until I am also the living proof!

Get the Living Proof Prime Style Extender here.

XOXO, Sissi

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