How to dye your hair at home!

I am a real pro when it comes to dying my hair. I did learn that just by years of experience. So today I like to share with you my little tips and tricks on how to dye your hair at home.

If you like to have Katy Perry blue hair: this is not the right tutorial for you! LOL! My goal is to dye my hair and make it look as if I didn´t!

The first and most important thing is to choose the right color. I highly recommend Loreal Preference. I am using this hair color since years and it just works awesome.

It is very important to see if you need a "COLD" "NATURAL" OR "WARM" Color and Loreal makes it easy because it is written clearly on the front of the box.

I recommend "COLD" if you want to get rid of red tones in your hair. It will make your hair slightly ashy. I do not recommend it if your hair already is ashy as it will make your hair even more ashy. Instead go for "NATURAL".

I recommend a "WARM" color if your hair is too ashy and you like a hint of "golden" color in your hair. I do not recommend it if you already have a warm hair color- it can make your hair too red. Take "NATURAL" instead!

I recommend "NATURAL" for almost all cases. With this you only change the color of your hair but not the main tone of it.

Also, if you want your hair color to look natural: stay in the natural color range you have- like 2-3 shades darker or lighter, whatever you prefer.

So, now that we got the right color, let´s start dying your hair. Just fill in bottle No 2 in bottle No 1 and shake it well. Then it is time to apply. If you have to dye all your hair applying is pretty easy. If you only have to dye the roots it is a bit trickier. I always dye only my roots as I do not want to stress the rest of my hair.

So, first part your hair where you would normally part your hair. This is very important because you do not want any mistake right at your part- on other parts you do not notice mistakes that strong. I just apply the hair color generously on all the darker roots I can see- on top, on the sites and very important the middle part on the back. When I am done with the front, the site and the middle part of my head I use an elastic (use that one you wanted to throw away because they will look hideous afterwards as they also change color).

Then make a little messy bun so that you can reach the back site better. Did I just post this picture? LOL! Sure did! Me this morning 7 AM in my pajama dying my hair! LMAO! And it gets better! Another one! haha!

You can see here pretty good how I save my longer hair from getting any color dye on. Leave the color on for the suggested time. Loreal Preference takes a total of 30 minutes but because I am applying already for 5 minutes the color I start my timer for only 25 minutes.

Another important tip to really seal your hair cuticles is to rinse the color off with cold water. Not ice cold, but like room temperature.

Let me tell you also: Loreal Preference has also the best conditioner in the world in its box!

This conditioner makes your hair like pure silk! There is NO OTHER CONDITIONER like that I promise you! I have tried everything to buy this separate- no chance! I wrote Loreal, googled it but there is no way then buying a box of hair color to getting this conditioner! I buy it now on ebay in bulk because apparently there is some girls out there who do not know how good this stuff is and want to make some money selling the conditioner out of the hair color box! LOL!

I also love the Shine Creme (this is a leave in treatment) you get in the Loreal Dream Blonde and love using it after dying my hair. 

Thanks for reading! If you have more questions about dying your hair: let me know!

XOXO, Sissi

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