Be nice to your husband!


Today I like to share with you some wisdom! LOL! I am together with my husband since 18 years so I guess I have gathered some experience! haha!

If you do not want to be disappointed on Christmas (same of course for wedding anniversary, birthday etc.)  with the present your husband/boyfriend gives you, give him a clear and understandable wish list! Unless you have one of these very rare husbands who really understand hints (1 out of 1000?) he will not understand it! Men are just not like that! You might think that you clearly showed him that handbag 4 weeks before Christmas at Macy´s? He will not get it! Believe me!

So save yourself some trouble and just tell him what you want if you do not want to end up with a washer or vacuum cleaner under the Christmas tree! LOL!

If you still like to have some kind of surprise, you could leave the exact wish open and tell him, that you would like jewelry or a handbag (if you trust his taste.)

Hope I save you from some trouble! And good luck on those presents! Hahaha!

As soon as I have decided what I like, I will tell my husband for sure.

Oh, and if you think to play a little game and pretend that you do not give each other something (this happens usually after a couple years because you are out of gift ideas- lmao!) you know what happens? Girls usually still have something for their men but the men don´t! And then the girls are disappointed even though that was the deal! LOL! So, if you like to get presents, don´t even play that game with those poor men- they will not get that one either! Haha!

I am thinking if I should go this year with either way

The Lancome Holiday Beauty Collection

($59.50 with any Lancome purchase and has a value of $315! 2 color choices available)

Or maybe

The Estee Lauder Blockbuster Limited Edition Premiere Color Set 

(58.50 with any Estee Lauder fragrance purchase and has a value of $375.)

The value of both sets is amazing and you can get it for example at Dillard´s or Macy´s, also online.

What do you think? I am thinking I like the Estee Lauder set better.

XOXO, Sissi