CALVIN KLEIN SATCHEL- What´s in my bag?

Nobody tagged me but I decided to do this anyway! Haha! I thought this is a fun little post for everybody, so if YOU also like to do this tag: I am tagging YOU!

So at the moment I love my Calvin Klein bag- it is not too big yet not too small. I love the top zipper. I had this beautiful Michael Kors Tote but it did not have a zipper on the top, so I was always afraid somebody might steel something out of my bag!

I am not carrying around a lot of crap, I think. As you maybe know I am a little OCD and I always like to have everything clean and tidy- this includes of course my bag!

Love my little Dooney & Bourke wallet (even though I still do not know how to pronounce that the right way- maybe somebody can finally explain it to me, lol). It is just big enough for my driver licence and my credit cards and also holds my car key- this is just perfect for me- no need for a bigger wallet where I only have to be afraid to loose something! I am not carrying any cash with me- ever.

Of course my phone is not to be missed. Honestly with my tiny wallet and my phone I am all set.

So, here you can see the rest I carry around- just some stuff for my lips, some hand sanitizer- very important: gums, Aspirin, my sunglasses, some hand creme, a bit of powder and a tiny perfume sample.

Keep it tidy and neat! Haha!

Thanks for checking my purse out! lol

XOXO, Sissi