Review IT KIT from vbeauté it really "it"?

So I´ve tried some luxury size samples of the "IT KIT" from vbeauté and I was so super excited to try this. The whole kit in "on the go sizes" costs $99! The tubes are so beautiful and the kit comes in a elegant gunmetal clutch with a mirror which would fit perfectly in your purse. It is made in Switzerland but available here online and at selected high-end stores. Girl, I thought this stuff just has got to be amazing!

Vbeauté claims that their Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (ARBT), derived from stem cells of the Alpine Rose plant, protects the skin against environmental stress factors, improves the skin barrier function, and preserves the activity of the epidermal cells. Sounds all very interesting.

The names of the products are super fun:
Evidence Eraser (Cleanser)
Rub Off (Exfoliater-this one I have not tried but it is included in the original kit.)
Undercover Agent (Serum)

Buying Time (Everyday Moisturizer)
Eye Never (Eye Cream)

But what a big dissapointment! I am so not impressed! Everything has a medicine like smell. The serum is  thin like water and it is super hard to apply without the whole serum dripping on your finger before even applying! The serum feels very sticky on my skin. The whole kit does not feel luxurious at all to me! I did not notice a brightening as promised of my face and no difference in wrinkles or anything at all.

I feel sorry for this bad review but have no other words to describe this way overpriced system. This is not "it" for me.

The website from vbeauté is HERE (if you do not believe me and still want to try this! lmao!)

Thanks for reading though! haha!

XOXO, Sissi