How Much Is Your Face Worth?

How much is my face worth? Well, I think I am really a cheapy! hahahaha! This my everyday face. If we are going out or it is a special occasion I will use different products and brands. But my daily face is a cheap one! Haha!

Ok, so I after cleansing my face I start with Nivea Creme around my eyes. I take a tiny amount of it, rub it between my fingers and apply it only around my eyes cause only my eyes tend to be dry. $7.49

Afterwards more Nivea: my lovely tinted moisturizer (you can read my love rant about it here if you haven´t already). They do not sell it in the US but it is worth around $10.

Then I use some eyeshadow from LA colors and now listen: this one costs: $1
(LMAO!) It is my favorite for daily use! I have bought it now at least 3x at Dollar Tree!

I follow with an dark grey eyeliner pencil (I seriously can not remember the brand and it does not show anymore! lol It was some cheapy from Walgreens! Lets say about $3

Then a Covergirl brow pencil $4.39

Maybelline Mascara $6.99

Loreal Infallible lip gloss (my absolutely favorite!) $8.49

Profusion bronzer $10

Covergirl Olay eye concealer (I do not remember what I paid for this and I can not find it online- gosh I do not hope this is discontinued because mine is already almost empty and I love it! Let´s say it was like $7

SO MY TOTAL FACE IS WORTH: $58.36. Told you: I am cheap! Do I win something if I have the cheapest face of all? LOL!

XOXO, Sissi