A girlfriend asked me yesterday which Shampoo I use cause she thinks my hair looks so healthy. Funny, cause I always think it is so dry and frizzy! But I admit, I found now the solution for me which I want to share with you!

So, to my own surprise, I found a couple weeks ago these awesome products from: DermOrganic which really will help you if you have dry and thick hair! I tell you: their stuff is amazing! LOVE IT! I can not tell if this is the right choice though if you have fine hair- but if you have thick and unmanageable hair this truly is!

So, I´ve used the Shampoo. the Masque and the Leave in treatment. DermOrganic hair products are made with Moroccan Argan Oil. For all these products you can apply this rule: a little goes a long way! A tiny bit of the Shampoo foams very nicely, this is usually not the case with organic Shampoos so it might be hard to shampoo your hair- but this is not the case with this Shampoo. It seems to be highly concentrated. It smells very nice, more on the sweeter side.

The Masque is also highly concentrated! A walnut size is enough for shoulder length hair! This makes my hair super shiny, healthy and soft! I love this stuff! The cool thing is that you can use this stuff as a regular conditioner or you can just leave it in a little longer and use as a hair masque.

Afterwards you can apply the Leave in treatment, which smells a bit like cough medicine- very sweet. You can do it if you hair is still wet or if it is dry- whatever your preference. You rub a little drop in your hands and just put it at the ends of your strands. It will make your hair shine like crazy, so that your girlfriends will asks you also, what kind of Shampoo you are using! LOL.

So, this was just my 2 cent I wanted to throw in for today. Really recommend buying these products! The price might sound at first glance high but these bottles are very big! Check out also your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls, cause I just scored these bottles there for $19! YES!

Get Dermorganic here.

XOXO, Sissi

DermOrganic is cruelty free and 100 % vegan! 

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