Today I tell you how PAMELA ANDERSON MADE ME UNPLUG MY EYEBROWS- in other words I turned from Brooke Shields into Pamela Anderson- well at least my eyebrows did! ;-)

2 days ago I had a funny conversation. We had friends over for a barbecue and one of the guys told us he had  his eyebrows done professionally! Have you ever heard of a guy doing this? Not me! And no: he is not gay! Well, it´s good if men start finally to take care of themselves too, isn’t it? As long as their eyebrows don´t look like ladies eyebrows!

A girlfriend on the other hand told me that she never plucks her eyebrows and maybe once in a while does that professionally cause she does not know how to do it and it is too much work for her. I guess, times have changed: The men go and get their eyebrows done and the ladies don’t want to do it? Smile!

I always like to do everything myself- from my eyebrows to my toes: I do not even like people to touch my feet for a pedicure. I did that one time- but to pay $25 for something I can easily do myself without worrying about hygienic aspects?  No! Not me! (I know they disinfect everything but still: chances in my opinion are way higher to get an infection or something in a place where thousands of people get their pedicure done then with my own tools in my own house!


I do my nails myself and I also have done my eyebrows always by myself! Even when I got sometimes a professional make-up I always felt like I can do this better! Professional Make-up artists for example always put too much and too dark eye shadow on my eyes and I know that this makes my eyes look too small!

They also always paint my lips so big. I know my face best and what works best on it- I can do it all better myself! So I am not paying any money to someone and am not be happy with the results.

 I started to pluck my eyebrows with about 19 years. I remember: the first time was hurting so bad! The tears would just run down my cheeks, that bad! But it got better and better over the weeks cause probably the roots got more loose and were not that strong anymore. Now I have to pluck every couple days a couple hairs and it does not hurt a tiny bit anymore.

I really do not think it is that hard: it is just important to have the right tools and then you just have to practice- after a couple weeks everybody should be able to do this! I love the tweezers from Revlon ultimate and I always use a mirror with 10x magnification.

So, I like to share with you some funny pictures of my past! The first picture is funny by itself (I am 18) but most importantly check out my giant eyebrows! I had a whole jungle of hair up there! I look like Brooke Shields lol. Wow! Lucky me: back than this was normal, although I have noticed this is coming back now! All the young models have this jungle of hair above their eyes now again! Lol!

A couple years later I had the opposite of jungle hair: I really had overdone it, over plucked like crazy. Once you start plucking, you will always find a hair which you don’t like and then this can happen easily! My mother has done this also and later had to tattoo her eyebrows cause they would not grow anymore. Thankfully mine grew back again. Smile!

How about you? Do you pluck yourself or do you get it done professionally? Or do you let them grow naturally? How about your boyfriends or husbands?

XOXO, Sissi