A couple days ago I wrote about a new Make-up line and here is my promised review of a couple items of Drew Barrymore´s FLOWER Beauty line!

As you probably know, I am more a "natural type" so the items I got reflect that and I love all the colors- but if you like to go for more color, Flower has also some popping colors in their line. Let me say also that I went to Walmart only because of this line- not because I am ashamed to go to Walmart- but I just hate to go there, sorry! 

Maybe it is just Florida, but the people there...brrrr...I am just a Target fan and unfortunately at this time the line is not offered at Target. So, Drew: I did this just for you! haha! The first Walmart I went to BTW did not carry this beauty line and I had to go to another Walmart! Well, what do we not do for our beauty blog (and Drew!)? :-)

Let me start with the lipstick. I am always looking for the perfect nude shade and this one is a pretty good one, but not the perfect one- it is a hint to "cakey". At the moment I am pretty tanned (living the Florida life!), so it is also slightly too light for my taste.

 I am sure in 2 month this will be the right fit, as I will loose some tan.  The lipstick feels smooth and has no smell or taste at all. I actually like to have a hint of some smell or so but maybe if you react allergic to those this might be good for you. 

Same here for the lip gloss. It has no smell and no taste. Is it just me or do I think a lip gloss just has to have some fruity smell or so? This lip gloss is nice and shiny, but not sticky. It feels light and I love the shine. The color I chose is again very light. Check out the swatches I made. You can see that the lipstick (on the right) at the moment is a little too nude and diminishes in my skin, lol.

The thing I was actually most excited about was the eye shadow palette. With $9.98 it was the highest priced item on my list and my expectations were high. I loved the colors also- they seemed different from other palettes and because "Flower" states themselves on their website that the quality is like high-end Make-up I was eager to try it out.

Unfortunately I have to say that this eyeshadow-palette did not meet my expectations at all. The colors barely get on your skin. You have to try to rub super hard with the applicator to get some color on your eyes. Especially the very dark color crumbles and creases. 

The 2 lighter "greys" do almost look the same on your skin- I can see no difference. I have had cheaper eye shadows than this which performed much better. I really can not recommend this. I am very disappointed in this product. Check out the swatches I made. You can see here very good how the dark color gets very uneven on skin. This just does not stay put on your eyes.

I read later the label and saw that you can apply this eye shadow wet. I tried it and it went much smoother and you could see the color much better. Still not a very good quality, but it is already much better to use it wet.

The nail polish is really lovely. I love this color. I would call it stone. It is not too grungy, still romantic but with some edge. It dries quickly and you will need 2 coats and have some perfect shiny nails.

So, overall the lipstick and the lip gloss are ok. The nail polish is really good. The eyeshadow really sucks... I do not think that you can compare this line to an high-end Make-up line like Flower promises. But I like how the packaging looks and they are fine for the price (except the eye-shadow! I just had to say this again!)


XOXO, Sissi 

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A main reason why I still will buy from this new Beauty line is that this is the first company I know of which offers affordable Make-up without animal testing. I am waiting 20 years for this!
Have you tried anything from Drew Barrymore´s New Make-up line Flower yet? How did you like it?