Red Flower cosmetic Review

 A story of heaven, herbs and wild flowers in your shower!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who was already fascinated with all kinds of health regimens. Years later she had a stroke and had to go to a hospital for weeks. A friend washed her hair with a shampoo which smelled like peppermint. This smell and the soft massaging of her scalp inspired her so much, that in 1999 she launched her all-natural beauty company: Red Flower. Her name is Yael Alkalay.

And let me tell you this: it is impossible to compare Red Flower to any other company. Red Flower is just so different!

It starts with the customer service. I was only in email contact  with them and I feel like I have SPOKEN with the nicest person on earth. They are so friendly, in a pure, real way! Nothing fake- not the customer service and not the ingredients of the products. Just pure and real!

And then just look at the names of the products!
I got to try
  • Italian blood orange wash,
  • Icelandic moonflower wash,
  • ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub and the
  • ocean body lotion.

Yael Alkalay strives to make pure ingredients the rule rather than the exception. And boy was I in heaven with these scents! They are so different than anything you have ever tried, I promise! I felt like in a herb garden, so intense, yet so fresh.
You feel like you get not only your body cleansed but your soul! Yes, these are soul washes!

So beautiful! The italian blood orange wash is sweet and refreshing! The icelandig moonflower wash is a heaven out of herbs, very strong and also very refreshing. Both body washes are thick, clear and yellow- they look like honey and really, you have the feeling you could eat them. And guess what: you probably can since these ingredients are only natural and so pure!

The Ocean Body Lotion really smells also like a beautiful herb garden with wild flowers and bees buzzing around. Sorry, but really, you need to try these products! They make a poet out of a normal mommy blogger! Every shower is like you have had a spa day, so calming, so relaxing and revitalizing at the same time.

 The body washes cost $22, the body lotion cost $26 but with only pure ingredients and cold pressed distillation of natural essential oils, they are well worth it. Everything is 100% biodegradable, free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives.

The body scrub costs $66, wohoo that is pricey! The combination of ginger, lime, and essential oils is warm, woodsy and exhilarating fresh. But I think that I will pass with this price!

If you like to be in heaven for a couple minutes (or longer if you have the time!), you just need to try these products! I love them! I think, if you had a lot of stress at work, or you just have a newborn at home or you just want to relax, this stuff will give you your energy back and unite your body and soul .


Disclaimer: I have received free samples of the mentioned products. All opinions and experiences are my own and I received no compensation for them. This entire review was written only by me and was in no way influenced by Red Flower.
This company is cruelty-free! It does NOT test on animals. (Source PETA  as of April 2014)