Veer HD Studio Foundation Reviews are FAKE!

Are you trying to find Veer Cosmetics Reviews? Well, I have bad news for you! Veer Cosmetics is aggressively advertising their HD Studio Foundation on Facebook. They promise literally, that this is the best foundation out there, that makes you look instantly younger, reduces wrinkles, erases dark circles and minimizes pores. But let me tell you: this whole thing is a scam. Please don´t pay your hard earned money on these scammers. Let me explain!


First of: the testimonials on their website are ALL FAKE!!! These are not people that have ever tried Veer, but bloggers that reviewed complete different foundations on their blogs! Veer just copied the photos and changed their names and ages and wrote fake testimonials for them!!!

Image top left: nope this is not Katherine, and she is not 43. The image comes from this blog post and she used the Koh Gen Do foundation.

Image top right: I don´t know her name, but could find this image through a reverse image search. This image is used for luminesce skin care (probably Malaysian? Not sure. Not going to link as this site does not look very safe either lol).

Image below left: This is not Rebecca and she is not 34. This is Jen from My Beauty Bunny and the correct article is this one. She used a foundation by Youngblood- not Veer!

Image below right: This is Laura and not Erica. Here is the correct article and she used the Bare Minerals Barepro foundation. She probably is not 29 either! ;-)

How did I find these ladies? Oh- the same way Veer found them! By typing "Foundation before after" in the google search!!! LOL!

Veer did not even bother really sending their foundation to bloggers to try- they just stole images from the Internet! How convenient!


But wait, there is more! Check the Better Business Bureau website  or Pissed Consumer and you will see complaints that Veer Cosmetics won´t stop charging your credit card after your initial purchase! So they are credit card scammers as well.


Now to the last point: is at least the foundation good?

Well, check out Tati´s video. Apparently it sucks big time! LOL! You can also read the comments in her video and will see again many people that are complaining, that Veer does not stop to charge their credit cards.

So, please be careful! Always do your research. 

And don´t trust Veer Cosmetics! These are scammers!!!

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