It Cosmetics Face Disk DUPE!!!

I am a big fan of the It Cosmetics Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk. What is it: An anti-aging powerhouse combo! The Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging Matte Bronzer, Luminating Powder and Vitality Blush Stain in the Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk are all about the naturally pretty look of vitality and radiance. They are packed with skin-loving ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea and vitamins A, C, & E and free of all of the bad ingredients that make skin appear older like talc. 

It Cosmetics Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disk

But not everybody wants to spend $38 for makeup and so I am happy to tell you that I found a great dupe for only $14: the Ulta Sculpting Palette!

Now check out, how similar they are:

Now let´s go into the details and compare them.


Yes, the packaging of the It Cosmetics Face Disk is much sturdier- but: I really have a problem with the rubber like texture of it as it can get quickly messy and it is a hassle to get it clean again. Therefor the Ulta Sculpting Palette is flimsier yet easier to clean.


So the It Cosmetics Face Disk has 3 separate pans inside which is a cleaner and nicer way, but I find it actually nice if I am in a hurry to just "swivel" my brush into all 3 colors of the Ulta Sculpting palette- I find that works great! You could potentially do that with the It Cosmetics Face Disk but will create a little mess in there because of the separate pans.


The It Cosmetics Face Disk is much more finely milled and super pigmented. You don´t need much product to achieve the right result. The Ulta Sculpting Palette is very, very firm pressed- so you need to go in here and layer the product at least 2-3 times to achieve the same result. This can take more time- but if you tend to overuse product, this might be the better fool proof solution for you.

It Cosmetics Face Disk

Ulta Sculpting Palette


Once you layer the Ulta products 2-3 times, the colors are are total match! The bronzer, the blush and the highlighter are almost identical- I would say the highlighter of the It Cosmetics is a hint prettier- more glowy!

Also worth mentioning: the It Cosmetics Face Disk comes only in 1 color choice while the Ulta Sculpting Palette is available in 3 color choices. We are not all the same and some need lighter or darker bronzer, so that I find neat.


Of course the main difference is the price tag! The Ulta Sculpting palette costs only $14 (Ulta has it´s brand often on Sale for an even better price) and the It Cosmetics Face disk costs $38.

Ulta Sculpting Palette

My verdict: 

I think the Ulta Sculpting Palette is a pretty darn good dupe if you like to save some money. A little bit of layering and you achieve the exact same look! ;-)

Watch it on YouTube and guess on which side I wear the It Cosmetics Face Disk and on which the Ulta Sculpting Palette! I bet, you won´t see a difference.

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