How to paint roses on nails tutorial & little spring outfit!

Spring might be still far away for some of you but maybe these photos will warm you up a bit?

I went all crazy with roses- roses on my dress, on my shoes and even on my hair! Now this really has to make you wish spring will come soon, right?

My dress is from "Merona" (Target) and my shoes are from Kelsi Dagger (TJ Maxx).

Now if you think this is all I got: you are wrong!

Here is more flowers I incorporated on MY NAILS!

Don´t be scared to do this, it was really a snap for me and I have never done this before! Just take some toothpicks to paint your roses and leaves!


I know lots of you still have snow and it is really cold, but I promise: spring will come soon!

I hope you enjoyed this and it made you feel a bit warmer!

Have a very relaxed weekend.

XOXO, Sissi