How to reduce crepey skin... or: just another scam by Beverly Hills MD!

Have you seen this ad with the above image and the title: "How to reduce crepe skin" (also: this German lady over here is no expert, but shouldn´t it be: crepey skin?). I have seen the ad many times: in magazines and online. 

I love to reveal beauty scams and save us all our hard earned money and so I coudn´t keep my mouth shut and tell you about the BEVERLY HILLS MD CREPE CORRECTING BODY COMPLEX!

But first a little disclaimer, because these companies get sometimes really angry with me (I know this first hand, as I have gotten already "cease and desist letters" for my "exposures", as you may read for example in this article).

So, here it comes:

Disclaimer: My writing here is an editorial news comment on the company´s business practices. All opinions stated here are my own. I do not speak for others in any way, shape, or form. 

How to reduce crepey skin- the Ad!

Cosmetic surgeons John Layke and Payman Danielpour "have made a revolutionary at-home technique to help fight the appearance of crepey skin". At least this is what the ad claims...

So I went on the given website on the ad: (you might come across similar websites (such as - this is just so the doctors can track which advertisement was successful and how many people came from which ad).

And what is waiting on that website for us? A 44 minute (44 MINUTES y'all! Who has the time?) looooong video! But ladies: I watched the whole video for ya and will tell you about the "amazing at-home technique" that these doctors have discovered. Cough! 

So, let me tell you what happens in the video, so you don´t have to waste 44 minutes of your life (cause I just wasted this time in my life- or maybe it wasn´t a waste, if this article helps that YOU don´t fall for the ad!)

The video starts with a women that ages within seconds with the words: 

"When people look at you, are they seeing the person you feel you are, or do they see someone older"?

A mean little tactic, cause -I feel you- of course I know, how it is to get older and it would be lovely to look younger and stop this annoying aging process, right? But it´s funny that the video starts with an aging face, but the advertised product is a product for your body...

The rest of the video is all drawn in little cartoons- and Dr. John Layke explains, how difficult and heartbreaking it always was for him to have constantly women crying in his  office (awww that poor guy!) about their crepey skin and he could not help them.

So there you go- apparently I look like the women on the right! ;-)

Layke tells us that over the counter cremes won´t help to treat crepey skin either...

But then one day, he was traveling to Switzerland and went into a pharmacy and discovered a cream against crepey skin that would cost 300 SF (approx. $320!!!) that according to the swiss pharmacist would be super popular in Switzerland.

Layke checked the ingredients and found red algae in it!

Layke explains (I mean I am not even sure it is his voice in the video) that it would be so expensive to "harvest" red algae and that is why the cream costs so much in Switzerland...

See that is how the harvest of the red algae is done! ;-) 
I love how he mentions in the video that: "Regulations in Europe are different than they are in the U.S." 

Yes, that is so very true, Mr Layke! While Canada and the European Union have banned for example more than 1,300 ingredients from use in cosmetics, the U.S. has only banned 11! Quite the opposite of what Layke is trying to tell us. It is not harder in the U.S. to sell cosmetics, it is wayyyyy easier! The FDA- sorry to tell you- literally does not care much of what is in our cosmetic. Sad, but true. 

So back at home Layke researched the ingredients and found out (in a study that is nowhere to be found haha) that red algae would be so much better than Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin. 

He would then create with his friend Danielpour (that is the other cosmetic surgeon, remember?) different solutions that include Hydrafirm (which he claims contains red algae but I think this is bs because I find other brands using this term too and they don´t use red algea), Riboxyl and Niacinamide. That is basically the miracle in this cream- the sensational combination of these 3 ingredients. 

They would test 8 different solutions on 24 of their own customers (of the Beverly Hills Surgeon Center) and ta-da- they all loved the product. After just 1 day (ah! how I hate claims like this! 1 day! C'mon!) they would see already an improvement... they were probably just happy the surgeons offered some free products lol.

Here, this is the statistic, how the 24 customers felt, after using this product for only 1 day....100 % said the formula made their skin appear more youthful (again after only 1 day...yawn!!!)

The video also includes a couple of before and (only 2 weeks ) -after pics. Oh man. Can you believe this?

And the video ends uplifting: "Your life will change with this cream and everybody will want to know your secret!"

And have you noticed? Where in this video is the promised "revolutionary at-home technique"?!? Nowhere! All you have to do is to buy their creme: the BEVERLY HILLS MD CREPE CORRECTING BODY COMPLEX.

Of course!

And how much does this thing cost? A whooping $49 (this is a 4 oz jar and you are supposed to put this on your body. This won´t last long!!!).

And what is inside?

Here are the ingredients:

There is no "red algea" in the product!!!

Wait! Wasn´t that the miraculous ingredient he found in Switzerland in that expensive cream? And now it is nowhere to be found in the ingredients of his cream?! 

The scientific name of red algea is Rhodophyta- also nowhere to be found. 

What is really inside is: Niacinamide (although on 7th place and also Riboxyl (Ribose)- even further at the end to find in the ingredient list.

Which $300 cream from Switzerland was he talking about in his video?

I was curious about the $300 creme he claims he found in a pharmacy in Switzerland. Hey! I speak German (and so do the people in Switzerland haha!), so I am googling a Swiss pharmacy and check for cremes that are against crepey skin and contain red algae.

And what do you know? I found it. It is called GUAM Snell Crema Rassodante (by Soledor). It retails for 30 SF ($35) AND NOT FOR $300! 

I found it also on Amazon for $46. Yes, it contains the red algae- but apparently it isn´t that expensive to harvest it as he explains in the video. Haha!

GUAM is an Italian brand that is in Italy as famous as NIVEA in Europe and most of their products contain guam (red algae).

Since in the video a jar was drawn with a red lid, I was wondering if Layke saw this product (also by GUAM).

This is a mud-mask with red algae for your body that claims to get rid of cellulite and it retails in Switzerland for 42 SF ($44). So still not $300. However, if you buy this product here in the US on Amazon it costs a hefty $99. 

I´ve seen these kind of things many times: in the US products from Oversees costs like twice as much- and the opposite is true too! It always sounds fancier, if a product comes from far away. That does not make the product any better, but we are all of course hoping, to find something that really works! And if it comes from far away, it probably works, right?

I wonder, if he actually refers to the famous La Mer Creme de la Mer because it contains also algae and it really retails for around $315. But this is available in the U.S.  However: nobody applies this on their body. Or if you do: congrats! You gotta be rich, girl (or boy!) ;-)

Anyhow, now just how can Layke justify to sell HIS creme for $50 a jar? It doesn´t even contain the red algae! Well, he has to pay for all the ads in our magazines and online, right? That comes at a price. LOL!


Keep in mind that most reviews that I see for the product are either bloggers or YouTubers that were provided a free product and check out also the Amazon reviews I found! (Click on image to enlarge). Basically customers say that this product is a waste of money.

I found also a wonderful article on the "Observer" called: "How I fell for the Beverly Hills Doctor" that I recommend reading, because it is written so wonderfully honest and stuffed with witty humor. The lady in this article used the cream and explains how she looked after 2 month of using it: 

"I looked exactly the same (though possibly two months older.) There are older-looking 61-year-olds, for sure, but if you stood me next to Christie Brinkley, you might convince someone I was Christie Brinkley’s mother. Or Mary Steenburgen’s aunt."

Last words:

What I find so astounding is: you would think that these 2 cosmetic surgeons (in Beverly Hills!!!) make probably a great income, right? Why the need for this ridiculous scam to pull out more money of desperate women? Cause they can! Who does not like to have extra income, right? And in the end: you probably can´t find anything illegal about this whole thing. It´s just morally not right! It´s our fault, if we buy this crepey skin cream- I mean this crap. ;-)

You know, if these surgeons make money in beautifying rich ladies surgically- OK. But if they are trying to get the money from middle class ladies or simply ladies that work hard for their money and spend it for some bs cream, that really gets me.

Also: apparently this isn´t the only product sold by these 2 business meaning cosmetic surgeons! They also sell: a Dark Spot Corrector, Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream, Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment, Dark Circle Corrector, Lash Enhancing Serum, Line Smoothing Serum, Emergency Under-Eye Fix, Anti-Aging Lip Enhancer, Derma Repair Complex, Deep Regenerating Stem Cell Moisturizer, Body Smooth Exfoliator, Repair + Reverse Daily Serum, Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser.

Please also keep in mind, that by placing an order to the Beverly Hills MD website, you’ll be required to adhere to an arbitration agreement, which means that you won’t be able to litigate against the company as a plaintiff or as part of a class action lawsuit! Isn´t that already enough to be suspicious?

Please save yourself the money and don´t buy this crappy crepey cream. ;-)

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