Fresh of LA dress with Ralp Lauren sandals and Calvin Klein hat

And that is how a lady dresses for the playground! LOL! I am wearing a dress from Fresh of LA, with Ralph Lauren sandals and a Calvin Klein hat. I really don´t have a lot of occasions to dress up and that is why I just always dress up! he he! I have fun and my dresses like it too! ;-)

The dress has almost the shape of a big T-shirt. It is pretty short but because it is not tight it feels very light and is not too sexy. It came actually with a little belt but I like to wear it at the moment without it- feels more "airy".

And yes! I got this dress from either Ross or Marshalls- I can not remember but I know it was under $20!

I have another dress from Fresh of LA here.

And another dress from Fresh of LA here.

Get your Calvin Klein sun hat here.

Get your Ralph Lauren sandals here.

I started to do some vlogs on Youtube- not sure if I will keep doing it but if you like to see my vlog- here it is!)

Do you like to wear dresses?

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